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Nerium is not a lotto ticket it is a Business opportunity you would not buy a McDonalds and then go home and expect the money to roll in .You get what you put in I have owned businesses in the past and they take two to three years to make any type of Profit if you're lucky . most businesses fail not because the business doesn't work but because the people do not work the business.There is real opportunity with Nerium I've seen the hundreds of people's lives changed .They cannot all be lying I've seen all the Lexus .I've been going to conventions and multi level marketing since the age of 16 and I was always able to find a catch the scam .there was one person from the company that said they made millions and everybody else was homeless jobless or work for 6 dollars an hour .when I went to my first party real results party and saw all the people that have made money at this.A company that does a hundred million in sales in the first year with one product in one country Speak for it self.The numbers don't lie the quality of people that are in this business are professional coming from good jobs Six figure job are not *** people I was never pressured to join a friend just asked me to listen and to do my research and know what I'm saying no to and being a business owner I know to listen to every opportunity whether or not I Join in is up to me .but to get all the facts before saying no .the up line of people are all willing to help you succeed .I love this company because the product works and there is real opportunity but yes it is work and every company that is growing at a fast rate are going to have growing pains everyone has gotten their order mixed up at a fast food restaurant before doesn't mean we stop going to those restaurants for the people who are reading this thank you and make sure you make your own decision on the fact .not by some one bad experience

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Nerium International Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience with Nerium International. As you've mentioned, Nerium International does not guarantee any level of income for any Brand Partner. The actual income of Nerium Brand Partners varies depending on each Brand Partner’s skill, effort and time commitment.



Google their financial disclosures for last year. Like less than .1% made enough to even call it income.pathetic.


Great write-up and also what I have found to be true. I am new to the company but I have seen many people in the Nerium Co.

that have achieved the rewards Nerium provides at different levels of achievement and it is all true.

If more companies treated their employees the way Nerium does, they too would do so well that they could not contain the blessings.

And so, Nerium passes the blessings on to its partners! Yes, this is a great company.

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