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My friend signed up to sell Nerium and she was nearing her deadline to win her free ipad so I felt the need to help her out and sign up as a consultant. Well I am not a pushy person, and cannot force people into spending $110 on a bottle of face cream!

Apparently you need to be super pushy and have no life, because you are supposed to call in several times a week for training and go to meetings all over the place.

I gave it my all at first.. But then I had 2 people break out in rashes and another one had a SEVERE reaction. Her specialist that she went to saw her photos and asked immediately if she had been using Nerium! He has had 13 cases in the last few months with this same reaction!

He told her to stop using it right away and demand her money back from the company!

So now I sit here with $800 wasted, not to mention all the copies I made, places I drove, and the most valuable thing of all: the TIME I wasted!

The product smelled nice to me and I liked it, but honestly I never saw ANY results from this product. If it works for some people that is great, but honestly I think it is just another pyramid scheme with a product that may or may not work for you.

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I spent over $800 in nerium as a brand partner it’s ridiculous!!! So many people broke out my sister had a zit the size of half dollar for a month because of the night cream.

She stayed a customer because she loves me but it’s all a scam. The “director” told me I needed to wait a week for the toxins to get out of my skin and for it to work and it’ll all clear up soon. Well little does she know I’m smarter than her and that’s so wrong.

Also if it was such a great product why would toxins be put in my face from it! If it was so awesome it would have helped that.


Looks like the Nerium snake oil brand partners are finally gonna be shut down for good.


I am 66 years old, all my life have used Pond's face creme and sometimes in winters up north used vasoline. I would not spend $110 for a jar of creme.

My face looks fine very few wrinkles. I would advise anyone considering this product to do some research, as the company has been sued and many had a bad reaction to this product as well as some others.


I am a Nerium Brand Partner. The products work when used consistently and correctly.

One of my brand partners has ranked up past me and I am so happy for her. Afer only a year, my up-line drives a Lexus SUV paid by Nerium and has since quit her full time job. I have met so many positive, supportive, team orientated people as a Nerium Brand Partner.

I would (and do) recommend joining the Nerium family. It's not for everyone, it's for those who are willing to put in some time and effort into their business for unlimited earning potential.


I have an acquaintance that has become heavily addicted to the kool aid.However she seems to be making a lot of money as a team leader.I have a problem with mlm as it preys on friends and family many who cannot afford it but follow the dangling carrot .Once eht came out I was very upset they were using the Priceton card as a way to get people interested. I had contacted princeton university and was told there is no connection between nerium an the University.And they were very adiment about that. MLM is like a pimp praying on others it just doesn't sit well with me.


MUST WATCH!!! How they scam people http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/video/9826195-questions-raised-about-real-science-behind-age-defying-skin-cream/


It's just a scam. They prey on disparate people with a get rich quick lie Products is awful.

I had several to buy it and ended up at a dermatologist who told them it's a dangerous product.

Don't fall for it.


If you can sell a dream of being rich to your friends and family (which statistically will never happen), dedicate your life to Nerium and if you're motivated by one thing and one thing only….money, then Nerium is for you. The product does work well for some but the business has nothing to do with selling a product.

I have too much love for my family and friends to sucker them into this business for my own financial gain.


This company sounds like the company I attempted to join years Ago called Quixstar. The ppl at the top continues to get Rich off of the ppl that join below u has to pay & may never make their own money back......sad but so! This should be ILLEGAL.....then it may not even work for u & your skin type.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #917705

I work for a DS company that ISN'T a scam. I ALMOST signed up with Nerium.

I'm glad I didn't. I couldn't afford the losses that sine of my friends who signed up are dealing with. I chose to go with Younique instead. They have a great product!

To sign up I paid $99 for a kit of product worth over $200. I was in the black out of the gate! I never ever have to pay for my website, there's no inventory to keep, there's no auto ship, there's no monthly minimums in order to get paid, you get paid commission on every order from day one and you get paid within 3 hours of ever single sale, there's no deception. I've been doing this for just over 2 months and I've made 15 times my investment back.

Women come to me to sign up after using the product because it's that good, there's no having to hunt for reps.

I finally got a good one. If you want to check it out for yourself, please feel free YouniqueWithTerra.com


To be a successful brand partner you aren't allowed to have a thought of your own, ever! This product causes a massive die off of your cells that won't ever come back.

It's Not scientifically proven. When the class actiaction lawsuit begins your precious ceos will still be on top while your life collapses. All of you want out of corporate America by lying to your friends and family, bravo. I have not spoken too one single independent partner who knows a lick about the product.

It's "amazing", is the only thing you guys know about it. News flash it's not amazing, not even close. Oleander plant is used for abortions in Asia and Africa, oleander is toxic period the end. so enjoy rubbing poison on your face to make a quick dollar for an iPad and loaner car...

Totally worth it.

When your ffriend or family member miscarries because of the *** you sold them due in part of your lack of due diligence so you can get some material possession, thats on you. Anything you rub on your skin absorbs in your blood stream.

you guys are slslaves

don't you find it weird your company emails you hypnosis , maybe that's why you are all such harrassing, kool aid sippers.

Cabot, Arkansas, United States #886851

That's hilarious.... They also comment anon.....they will get screwed sooner rather than later.... Wouldn't give a penny for that %#€*!!!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #886429

I find it amusing when Nerium workers post comments on here trying to defend this pyramid scheme. Keep wasting time and money while the big guys at the top get rich


If you did not succeed in a MLM company its because you didn't work it. Don't blame the company and its product.

Blame yourself. Its just like going to a job and get fired because you can't do your job right. Guess who you blame then!? The company!!!

and not yourself?!!! Really?

Whitethorn, California, United States #855589

This is a wonderful opportunity to make some money with a wonderful product by becoming a brand partner. It depends on you.

You do need to make an initial investment. You also need to travel to rallys and training seminars. You will also likely need to buy some brochures to hand out. You should do exactly what your supervisors say to be successful.

I am currently working on soft sales targets like family and friends.

I am working on my ipad....and shooting for a lexus. I love the nerium lifestyle.

to Brandy Chicago, Illinois, United States #855610

So how much money exactly have you sunk into this. All for an ipad. Are you kidding me.

Do you not feel the slightest bit of guilt pressuring your family and friends to buy this ******.

to Mike Whitethorn, California, United States #855613

Mike you sound jealous. This is a great product and a great opportunity to make lots of money. Nerium rocks

to Brandy Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #858939

Look at the founders' last company (and the legal suits that came up when the left) and then look at the MLM industry's overall stats. Even the most "legit" companies, like Amway, have less than 2% of their "sales people" making any money.

98+% get suckered in and lose their money and time. Forget whether or not Nerium is effective (it's not, Oleander is being studied as a cancer treatment b/c it KILLS cells), let's see anyone at Nerium show hard numbers as to how much their reps are making. You want to earn a Lexus?

I can lease one for $350 a month right now. Nerium gets it's *** reps to spend multiple times that on its *** product each month (plus seminars, marketing materials, etc.) and then they feel like successes when it flips a small amount of the cash back in the form of a leased car.

to Brandy Hamilton, Montana, United States #938095

Brandy have watched way too many of your "servant leaders" videos...

to Brandy #979213

Two people on Nerium's board of directors are convicted felons who spent jail time for racketeering....Frank and Leslie...booom.

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