Ball Ground, Georgia
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This company got a hold of my credit card number and made an unauthorized charge. I never heard about them until the fraud department from American Express called me. This is criminal activity

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Nerium International Verified Representative

Thank you for your review. Your card was somehow compromised online and that party made the unauthorized purchase.

Always contact your financial institution first. If you have any questions about Nerium, please call 1-855-463-7486.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1181170

Had the same thing happen to me in April 2016. Three separate charges in my Amex for $187 each (I've never ordered anything).


I'm not sure the blame is on nerium. I believe the individual that used your card is the criminal.

I have been a victim of credit card theft myself.

It's infuriating for sure but I can't blame the establishments for taking payment for there goods not knowing the customer is fraudulent.


also had an unauthorized withdrawal from my account. i have never heard of this company before.

they should be prosecuted for this. not only did it cause me undue distress but i cant afford the withdrawal.

i hope someone stops them soon. i am appalled that they got a hold of my personal information

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