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I was at the shop till you drop at the convention center in the greater shreveport/bossier city la. I cam across a booth for make up and creams as a 26 year old woman who has a love for creams and makeup I was very interested in learning more about their product Nerium mins you i have clear skin since i was 16 i haven't had any problems with pimples or breaking out but my stressful job as a surgical assistant has many lines on my forehead anywho so i asked this lady who had a booth set up what product would work for lines and she told me about the night cream that it would be easiest on skin as "natural" ingredients were used no harsh chemicals and so on so i agreed and bought the night cream for close to $90 for a bottle but figured if it helps its worth it these lines make me feel 60 not 26.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning sensation on my face and this is the result. I have gone to the emergency room and have been treated for a chemical burn. After doing research i see that Nerium is not all natural and there are many complaints about the same company. Did you know your skin absorbs about 60% of whatever you put on it and it goes through your system well after doing research the chemicals used in many nerium products are linked to immune diseases and even infertility.

This is a Korean based company thats like avon you have to pay to become a rep and no one is really responsible for anything i called and wrote to the company only to be told they will send me a replacement bottle and all i needed to do was pay for shipping. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I HAVE GUILLABLE WRITTEN ACROSS MY FOREHEAD.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Company wrote 1 public responses to the review from Oct 17, 2015.
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Nerium International Verified Representative

We work with some of the world’s top tier universities, researchers and internationally recognized biotechnology labs to bring you scientifically derived, one-of-a-kind skincare and wellness products comprised of exclusive, patented ingredient blends. Because we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with all of our products, we ask that you call us at 1-855-463-7486 if you have any concerns such as this.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1261244

First of all, the picture you posted is not a chemical burn; it is cycstic acne. It also appears to be a man's forehead.

Cycstic acne can't be treated with a night cream for wrinkles. The person in the picture needs to be seen by a dermatologist to diagnose and treat their condition.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1216574

It is not a Koren based company..

It was born in the US in August of 2011.

It recently opened up in Korea.

Also, I hope you aren't trying to say that is your forehead... you can see the watermarks on the picture and also I found it on google.

The product is very safe. It will not do anything to you as far as fertility.

They did not do numerous clinical trials over a period of years for nothing. Princeton and Signum Biosciences would not attach their name to something like that.

Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

Oh, did you hear that Arizona is getting an ocean on March 2017?

Crystal City, Missouri, United States #1193089

You have hit to be kidding me, shame on you for posting this random picture and dissing on this company. I have used it for special occasions and it always looks fantastic.

You need to watch the video and learn how to udder it to get protection.

Lady /man, (since I'm not sure what sex you are based on the picture) you are simply someone looking got a payout. But the way, you might want to twease your eyebrows and try proactive if you want any brand of make up to help.


This looks like a case of bad acne that's been on your face for years , I hope people aren't as gullible to believe this would happen in a few hours , absolutely not a burn . Either you are a competitor or a disgruntled friend of a distributor, this is so not legit ..I am not buying your story.

Sad that people out there do this kind of stuff to discourage one from a life changing product that was formulated in Princeton University, not Korea !!!

Because of all the tremendous results Korea now is an open market !!! I'm not a BP but Love this product , our whole family uses it !!

to Anonymous #1170676

It's great that the product works for you and your family but it does not work for all. Also, please stop spreading your ignorance.

"Princeton has NO partnership with Nerium!" Look it up. Nerium has advertised in such a way that people believe that Princeton has a partnership with them.

Check out Princeton's Twitter page or even Google it. Make sure you know the facts about the product you are backing.


Your story is full of holes. Where is your before picture...yours...Not the one of a man who has acne...not burns? Classic disinformation..you probably work for a competitor...nice try but that was a fail.


Your eyebrows in that picture do not look like a 26 year old who likes makeup ... they look like the eyebrows of a man who doesn't own tweezers.

And the bumps look like cystic acne. Oh wait, that is because when I did an image search for that photo, it is all over the internet.

You took a random photo of cystic acne on someone's forehead and tried to pass it off as your own. So I'm not believing your story


It looks like you have chemical burns on your forehead.


The company is based out of Dallas, TX. Just recently they expanded into Korea.

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