This lady drank the Kool Aid just like everyone else who works there. Except for the ones making the real money in this MLM.

"I get a Lexus!" People will proclaim...well that's great sweetie, but in the business world that is called a tax write off for the ones making money not a reward for the hard work. They falsify scientific proof by paying people off and results. Find scientific proof by professionals that haven't been paid off by Nerium. "It's better than Botox!" Um, no it's called the creams ingredients cause inflammation in your skin!

Lmao! Can sell some of you Nerium BP a bridge in the desert?

I'm looking to make money too! Lol!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Hello. Nerium International does not guarantee any level of income for any Brand Partner.

The actual income of Nerium Brand Partners varies depending on each Brand Partner’s skill, effort and time commitment. If you'd like to learn more, please visit Nerium.com.


This is so sad, I am a horrible person. I said the kool-aid thing to my friend who is working this business about 2 weeks ago.

Because she's just so positive and has a sense of hope and excitement for what she is doing with this company. After reading this post I realize now that I didn't believe enough in her success because I didn't want to acknowledge I myself made a bad choice in not joining her when she started. I've never seen her confidence higher and I have known her my whole life. She's received the iPad air bonus, her Lexus bonus and is almost to her 50k bonus (in 9.5 months) but the things she talks about most is being able to help other people who are looking for an outlet, to make extra money or just to meet new people find a path on their terms.

Which to me at the time was like, she's drinking the "kool-aid" and I guess it just takes another person saying for me to see that I was wrong. Annie-I apologize to you for not listening and giving you the chance, as a good friend-I should have.

Now I sit here and look at what shes built and realize I was just jealous and thought I knew better. #Sorry.

Thanks to the anonymous poster, who was cool with looking like well a bad person so that I could see I was wrong. It's always different when someone else says it.

to Anonymous #1017631

Funny, everyone I know who has signed on to sell this junk is broke, friendless, and jobless after about an year.

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