I am a 25 year old, active and extremely in-shape person. I don't eat burgers and fries.

I also developed chest pains after using the cream for a little over 15 days. I was contemplating selling this stuff. However, after the random pain/palpitations in my chest I was freaked out. Well the people who sell the poison have zero knowledge of what this *** is.

They don't even have the brain power to admit that what you put on your skin absorbs to your blood stream, your skins a living organ. Oleander is used for abortions in Asia, and the fact the oleander isn't legal in any country other than America should raise some red flags. Weird your snake venoms "amazing" ingredient isn't even in the product in Mexico, Canada and what ever country you try and infillrate with this "amazing" opportunity. When one of the nerium minions can explain to me anything about the product other than you can win a free iPad and poison lotion oh, and a car...

Well a 500 a month of car as long as you maintain your goals. Then maybe, just maybe a person with an IQ above 4 will believe a lick of what you sell.

Sooooo before you guys blast Facebook and your social media sights just stop it annoys your friends, your family aquaintess and makes strangers hate you all

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I recently stopped using the product after having terrible chest pains as well. I am extremely health conscious, avoid processed and GM foods.

I had been wondering if this product (which also made me break out in a terrible red rash and pimples) had something to do with it.

I see that you have people commenting who clearly don't want you messing with their money. Don't let them get to you. I feel terrible because I had been soooo excited to try this product and encouraged many friends to try it as well.

Not a single one has seen even the tiniest of results.

I typically do not but anything without fully checking the ingredients, but fell into the excitement of all the before/after pictures they sucker you in with.

The 'studies' they like to brag about were only conducted on about 30 people and the doctor who performed them now goes on record himself saying that the control group was not large enough to receive an accurate analysis. I really fear that this product is going to cause major medical issues down the line and result in huge lawsuits.

It's sad so many naively believe whatever people who stand to make money off of them tell them.

My chest pain has eased up in the past few weeks since discontinuing the product and visiting a local juice bar for cleansing/ detox juices.

I hope that your chest pains decrease as well as your body heals from the toxic oleander plant.


There are medical trials that 100% conclude that there is no chance of getting into your skin. There were third party trials done through science, toxicology, and technology institute.

I've never heard of a skin cream making someone who is as physically fit as you claim to have heart palpitations...maybe you need to see a doctor and tell them that your face cream ruined your heart after 15 days and then they can tell you how smart you are. I missed where you had proof that it was the skin cream that causes this "ailment" anyways....I mean what a lawsuit! Nerium is one of the top 50 direct selling companies and since you don't eat cheeseburgers....that MUST be the problem. Get a life sweetie and stop trying to bring others down with your negativity...

aren't endorphin's from exercising supposed to make you happy?

Check your stress level! THAT can give you heart palpitations!!

to Anonymous #989049

I really think you need to do some more research then because there has been many done trying to find if the heart issues are linked to this item and the answer is yes. Too many people have used this product and developed the exact same symptoms and you say that this product has nothing to do with it?

I guess you actually think all these people who live on different continents and states just somehow came up with the exact same symptoms? You tell this person to get a life because she shared her opinion as to what happened to her? I think it's you that needs to actually read so that you stop sounding ignorant and ***. The one thing that cracked me up is you saying there were medical trials that show the cream doesnt get into your skin, are you that ***?

If you put something on your skin it gets absorbed. How ignorant you sound.

Seattle, Washington, United States #967661

I am sorry to hear about your reaction to the cream but it is just like ANYTHING else you put on or in your body...... you CAN have a reaction....

and you obviously did!!!!! I will not defend the company because if it was so BAD and the product was so BAD..... it would not be one of the top companies of its kind. Oh....

by the way... what does not eating burgers or fries have to do with putting cream on your skin.... unless you ate the cream.... I have sensitive skin and yet this product has been a great gift by a dear friend....

and no... not everyone is a hater to their family and friends who sell for a living.....

to Satisfied in Seattle #1033718

You do know many amazing scams get written up as huge money making deals. Look at the guys seving jail time for cheating their friends. Also the claims are in mags that the company pays for just to get more investors .

Murphysboro, Illinois, United States #965055

Calm down. If you are having chest pains, you should go to the doctor!

Nerium is not going to medically train their people for that... don't be ridiculous! Thats an extreme reaction. It doesnt take a large IQ to figure out A.

You shouldn't use this product because B. Skincare is not a one size fits all industry.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #939256

You are about as ignorant a person I have ever come across.

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