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This is the 5 day that I have used the night and day cream and I noticed the other day a few red raised spots on my face, then early this morning my face burning woke me up. I could feel the raised rash all over my fave before I saw it.

I washed my face immediately and put my oatmeal lotion on to soothe the burning. Unfortunately my skin must be sensitive to it and I'm disappointed because it does work a bit more then most that claim the same. My skin looks way more hydrated and my under eyes are not as dark.

So it does work well as a hydrat which absolutely makes your skin look better. So dang guess I'm going to have to find something my skin can take.

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Nerium International Verified Representative

We're sorry for the experience you've had with our product and would like to learn more. Please call us at 1-855-463-7486 or email us at support@nerium.com.


The reason why it 'works' is because the 'nerium' plant they use is actually is poisonous to the body causing inflammation. Your skin puffs up erasing age lines but at the expense of your system.

I'm not shocked that at day 5 your body just full on rejected it, your body was tired of you not listening to the response of 'this is poison'. You didn't know it was poison, so I'm not blaming you, just telling you what your body was thinking. Find something else, more natural, and do your research next time you buy anymore products. That will save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Remember, most companies in this world really do not give a flying *** about you.

You must stand up and make sure you are being a responsible consumer and vote with your dollar. Much love to ya!

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