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First the ads are about how Nerium tightens the neck and face. Then it's about how it tightens the arms and legs and whole body now.

I saw a picture that was obviously photoshopped today on Facebook and the girls denied it had been touched. The owner of the picture said she doesn't need to exercise to get rid of saggy triceps, she uses Nerium to tighten the arms. Really? These claims are getting out of hand now.

The company needs to tell it's consultants to stop sharing pics that they didn't take and that declare Nerium is the answer to weight loss, sagging skin, and every other skin ailment. Notice in the first pic below, you see the arm clearly and notice the door details behind it. The second pic looks skewed and that looks photoshopped or retouched.

That's my only complaint with Nerium consultants who tout WAY TOO MUCH about results. The skin care was meant for the face and these consultants take it way too far.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Nerium International and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about nerium international skincare cosmetics from Nerium International was business ethics Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Nerium International Verified Representative

Thank you for your review. Nerium is indeed designed to help with a better appearance, not heal or cure any skin ailment. With that said, Nerium has products for the face, body, and mind and you can learn more at www.nerium.com.

Nerium International Verified Representative

Hello and thank you for your review. Nerium products are only designed to help the appearance, not heal or cure any skin/body ailment.

With that said, we do have products for face, body, and mind at www.nerium.com as we aim to approach anti-aging holistically. We do ask that our brand partners take the example of our 90-day Gallery (www.90daygallery.com) when doing their own pictures.

Feel free to visit the site for yourself. Thank you again.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1216578

But Firm is not meant for the face so...

Also.. I have used the firm on my thighs and thankfully, I will no longer need skin removal surgery after losing weight.

I have a few friends who have also saved money by using the Firm. Everyone is different.

You just have to hope they're sharing genuine pictures. Don't bash a company for a few bad apples.


That's Nerium firm that's meant for the body !

It really does tighten skin.


If you have such a problem with it, then why be so passive aggressive and complain on a site like this? Call the company yourself and complain directly instead of being a spineless weasel!


The "first" photo on top is the photo that has been edited while the second is the untouched photo. If you'll notice in the top photo, the sleeve is "rolled up" but it's actually a bad cartoonish job of a cropping.

The lighting and shading of the armpit and triceps area are too contrasting to be consistent with the lighting of the rest of the photo. It also doesn't coincide with the photo below, which is the actual initial photo.

The top photo has been exaggerated to appear as a "before" shot. Very bad form.


The product you are referring to is Nerium Firming Cream. It is not the face cream and it does have incredible results.

Women with sagging stomachs post childbirth have had amazing results with the firming cream shrinking and tightening their loose, saggy skin, leaving them with firmer, tighter skin as a result.

Nerium Firming Cream is fantastic for tightening and firming loose, saggy skin for men and women. No photoshopping necessary!!!

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