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I've been using this for over 3 months and in my estimation it does nothing, especially when it costs almost $100 a month. It is next to impossible to cancel as they just ignore you when you send an email.

Today when I came home I had another auto ship and they hit my credit card for over $95.00. I am refusing the shipment and Fed-Ex is picking it up tomorrow. Then I probably will have to fight tooth and nail to get my credit card credited back. I ran across their refund policy and it is utterly ridiculous.

However, I'm not one who rolls over and plays dead, so no matter what it takes, I WILL get my money back. My advice to others is don't sign up for auto ship. The only reason I did was that a friend was selling it and I gave it a try.

Had I known all the grief it would cause I would have thought twice.

Monetary Loss: $96.

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Nerium International Verified Representative

Please give us a call at 1-855-463-7486 at your earliest convenience so we can learn more about your refund issue. Nerium Support is open Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm CT.

You can also email us at support@nerium.com, and we'll return your correspondence. If you have been refunded already by Nerium, please let us know.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1344094

Never had an ADO issue

HOWEVER I always cancel 5 days prior to next shipment.

A refund was needed once had that in 7 days.

I'm guessing you girl wasn't on top of her gsme

Seattle, Washington, United States #1250880

I have had the same problem. I even changed my credit card number and it still got charged!

I am actually have to cancel my card because I cannot get help or log into any Nerium website to cancel my autoship.

I am going to report them to the BBB.

to Anonymous Leesburg, Florida, United States #1251121

That's the only way to get results unfortunately. Good luck. The BBB helped me so hopefully you will have the same luck I did.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1344095

If you changed your card in the Nerium system of course you would be charged. That just indicates you wanted to use a different card


Hi sorry that anyone has had trouble , I have not had any and have stopped because my bottle was still full enough changed product as well .. I have never paid for anything but shipping because I told some people about it ...

That should have been mentioned :( you don't have to sell the product to get it for free !! And I'm sorry but 95.00 dollars in this day and age is not expensive !! It's your FACE !!

That's less than a steak dinner !! Not to mention all the other product and makeup you can get rid off

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1344097

Agreed to all above

Ever go to Mall Este Lauded Lancome

Florence, Kentucky, United States #1047947

Did you finally get your money back and auto-ship cancelled?

to Tammy #1049741

Yes but had to file complaint with the BBB.


I ordered a one time order (I said if I want I'll buy as I want) I was charged never received product until I was charged a 2nd time. Then I was charged a 3rd time.

But only received product once. I have cancelled several times. I get charged by my bank account but never any product.... very hard to get product and to cancel when never really signed up.

Ive paid over $600 for a day cream a night cream and a toner. Not a good business

to Anonymous #1011065

Contact the BBB. That was the only thing that worked for me. Good luck.

to Anonymous #1069006

I also had trouble with Nerium. Same story.

I also filed a complaint with the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. I finally got a refund but they weren't going to refund shipping.

I did not accept their resolution and said they owed me shipping or needed to explain how I was responsible for paying shipping on a product I did not order. I suspected this was their standard practice, but until I saw this, I wasn't sure.

to Anonymous #1101042

nerium does not sell toner - you are obviously talking about another company!

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1344098

Your rep dropped ball

Leesburg, Florida, United States #936024

I was finally given a full refund and was asked by Nerium to sign a letter for the BBB which I signed just a couple of days ago. I have 3 brand new bottles I'm trying to sell. If anyone is interested I will sell all 3 bottles for $100 with free shipping.

to bgbsn55 Waskom, Texas, United States #960922

trying to shed bad news on others for a $100 profit for yourself? Shame on you!

to Anonymous Lady Lake, Florida, United States #961218

Some peoplr like the Stuff and could not find it any cheaper. if ypu have something to say don,t hide bejind anonymous. Shame on you too,

to Anonymous Lady Lake, Florida, United States #961709

I spent almost $300 on the 3 bottles. If you call that profiting you need to go back to school and get an education.

Augusta, Georgia, United States #935920

I actually was able to cancel mine quite easily. It is ridiculous because they expect you to pay to have it shipped back.

I was able to by pass that though, keep the product, and get a refund. I was not letting them get away with it. They didn't tell me you could not pick your auto ship date. Keep this in mind.

I may use it again one day but will be more careful next time. I like the product but so pricey.


You have your own website, and can cancel at anytime. or call the toll free number. It's that simple!

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