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Ordered what I thought was a one time item. They charged my account and then argued about giving me the tracking number so I could cancel the order. Got hung up on while waiting to speak to a manager about why I was charged and how to get a refund. Was told i could return but I would be responsible for paying the shipping both ways on a product I never ordered. Complained to customer service, and got no where. It says they go out of their way to... Read more

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3 applications and burnt my face ! Keep away from this...age gracefully and stick to simple ingrediants that dont burn your precious skin

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I've canceled my Nerium. It's expensive and ships to me a lot faster than I can use it. They only let you skip one month and the next box ships regardless of your need for it on the automatic delivery system. I'm forcing myself to get through the rest of the products that I have left and it's quite a bit. I haven't noticed a big change in my skin at all and Frankly all the Nerium products that I'm using have a very unpleasant ordor and I totally... Read more

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After purchasing EHT and having money deducted from my debt account without my knowledge or consent I can say I feel Nerium International is a scam and pyramid scheme! Everyone please be aware and treat them as such!

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The product burned my face. I was set up on an automatic monthly delivery, which i was NOT advised by my rep at the time of purchase! When i received the second shipment i returned the UNOPENED shipped box with a return number on the outside of the box as instructed by my rep. Traced the package, Nerium has received my package i have yet to receive my money back. Have reached out to my rep who has not returned my calls, text or emails. Very... Read more

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I bought nerium from a friend who had started selling it well she looked amazing! so I bought it and it did NOT ONE THING FOR ME BUT BURN MY FACE UP! I asked that it be stopped and 3 months later and 2 packages later I am still trying to stop the auto deduct from my account! No money returned but they have all 3 orders back this is a scam! Oh and come to find out my rep uses Roc! So i went back to Roc as well and not one problem and they do not... Read more

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After using nerium night cream one night i woke up and wadhed my face! As i wiped my face with a wash cloth my eyebrow came off!!!

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I had been paying for Nerium day and night cream consistently for two years. While on vacation, I lost my credit card and then had to report it and wait for a new one. Nerium stopped my order so I called. I gave them the new credit card number and they told me instead of my regular $90 payment, it would now be $140 each month. I couldn't believe it so asked for a manager who's name was Christopher. He agreed with me that it was not right... Read more

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I returned the products three months ago with a tracking number and because i missed place the tracking number Nerium has refused to pay me back $200.00. The creams were never opened and i even bought insurance when i was mailing it back, but because i missed place my tracking number Nerium has refused to refund the money back.

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I LOVE the HTC supplement. It helps with my thinking and mood. It's great stuff. BUT my complaint is the bad customer service. Every time I try to order, it automatically puts me on autodelivery. I get no emails or warning that they're going to debit my account $70. They just do the debit. When I called customer service, they tried to blame it on me: that I didn't unclick some box to stop autodelivery. It was money I needed for the rest... Read more

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