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My friend was selling this, she looked great, her skin looked really nice so it appeared that the products were working - but her face was getting numb. She researched the ingredients, she was putting poison on her face. I do not have it handy to list, but she looked up the info on all of the ingredients, it was poison. Her face started to feel numb, the person she signed up with argued with her, and she finally just got out of selling... Read more

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I use ALL of their products and they are Amazing. It's the only product with science backing it up. It's natural and does not have any chemicals, additives or preservatives including gluten and paraben. The product really works. The company is super generous I'm getting my products for FREE. It s really annoying to hear and see all these negative reviews from the competition and haters! Research before you speak! This company has had 1... Read more

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Had some light bags under my eyes so decided to try it since the salesperson was a friend. Told her from the get go I didn't want it every month and she said she would put a hold on my account. Tried it for over a month and didn't have good results. Complained to the sales person and she said it was because I was putting moisturizer on my skin so I stopped. Still didn't work. Then I got another shipment so she gave me the money back and I... Read more

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I have been using this product for over a year now. The results have been fantastic! I've noticed a difference in my skin after a few days. It appeared to be firmer, softer, and my skin tone was more even. I also noticed my pores are clean whereas before they were always clogged. I've never gotten a rash from this product. I think the people who have gotten rashes just have sensitive skin. Creams work differently for everyone. I have phoned... Read more

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I received a call from my credit card company. Someone charged over 600.00$ to my card buying from your company. I have no idea what for. I have never bought from your company. I did not authorize anyone to use my card. I am very upset as now my account has been frozen and I have no credit card.Do you not have a control against this type of action? It would be nice if the purchaser was arrested for hacking my account. I would like to be... Read more

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Nerium International somehow got my credit card information and placed five charges on it even though I've never bought a thing from them and never heard of them until these charges appeared. I had to make a fraud report to my credit card company and am being issued a new credit card. Notice to Nerium ... I will not be paying these charges ... they have been reported. I ordered items from Paula's Choice web site initially and you started billing... Read more

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I've been trying to get my salesperson to help me stop the shipments and get out of this expensive loop. I really need not to spend the $57/month (which he said was at a discount) and my friend (who pursuaded me to sign up) has not helped me get out of this, when I've told him multipule times that this is too expensive for me. I am frustrated and continue to have shipments sent and money taken from my account. I don't know whether the product... Read more

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After spending most of one Thanksgiving being cornered by relatives who were trying to get get me to buy and sell Nerium, I finally agreed to buy it just to enjoy the rest of the day without a sales pitch. Got on auto-ship because it was supposed to be easier and cheaper. Never saw any positive results. Kept using it for a couple of months to give it time to work. Instead, my skin started itching. It was mild itching at first. Then it became... Read more

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Nerium International - Review about Neriumad Age Defying Treatment Night Cream from Portland, Oregon
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It a Great product, and outstanding company,with excellent customer service. Read more

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This company does not get ahold of no ones credit card you the person buys and then forget and don't read the prints!!! Read more

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