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Nerium International somehow got my credit card information and placed five charges on it even though I've never bought a thing from them and never heard of them until these charges appeared. I had to make a fraud report to my credit card company and am being issued a new credit card. Notice to Nerium ... I will not be paying these charges ... they have been reported. I ordered items from Paula's Choice web site initially and you started billing... Read more

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I've been trying to get my salesperson to help me stop the shipments and get out of this expensive loop. I really need not to spend the $57/month (which he said was at a discount) and my friend (who pursuaded me to sign up) has not helped me get out of this, when I've told him multipule times that this is too expensive for me. I am frustrated and continue to have shipments sent and money taken from my account. I don't know whether the product... Read more

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After spending most of one Thanksgiving being cornered by relatives who were trying to get get me to buy and sell Nerium, I finally agreed to buy it just to enjoy the rest of the day without a sales pitch. Got on auto-ship because it was supposed to be easier and cheaper. Never saw any positive results. Kept using it for a couple of months to give it time to work. Instead, my skin started itching. It was mild itching at first. Then it became... Read more

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Nerium International - Review about Neriumad Age Defying Treatment Night Cream from Portland, Oregon
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It a Great product, and outstanding company,with excellent customer service. Read more

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This company does not get ahold of no ones credit card you the person buys and then forget and don't read the prints!!! Read more

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I'd like to know why I have to call every month to get my order on time and this month it came on June 2nd I usually have it on the 26th but I have to call every month to find out what happened to it I don't get it until the end of the month and now we're going into the next month I'd like a response on this I like the product I hate the delivery guys we really need to get some shipping going on in your company Read more

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I had a facial at a day spa and the technician and business owner raved on and on about Nerium and its amazing results. So I decided to try it and paid for it w/my credit card and was given the day cream and night cream and was told the eye cream was on order. I was never told that Nerium would start billing me monthly. A couple of weeks after the facial, a package showed up from Nerium that contained the eye cream but also more day and night... Read more

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I did sign up as a Nerium Brand Partner, after about a month realized how awful this company and product is. At first it appeared to be reducing my wrinkles around my eyes but after using for a month straight I experienced rashes, which I was told was the cream removing toxins.. Also I had unexplained chest pain and headaches, which after discontinuing use have ceased. After researching and my personal experience I truly believe Nerium AD... Read more

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I've used the product for 2 years 1 because I was a distributor and 2 because I wanted to believe it and I was hoping to retire myself & my husband earlier. However instead my skin isn't 10 years younger which is what they claim if we use it for 1 year well then heck I s/b 20 years younger right and wealthy but neither is true. I'm very angry and sad that they took advantage of me and many others & it seems only those that were on the inside... Read more

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I worked nerium for a year plus. After I would be told one thing by customer service and they'd do another a few times, and lost customers because of it, I started to get disillusioned. Then two BP's took people knowing I had been working with for over a year. I've watched people above me that worked hard at the system never get beyond struggling to keep up --now the one who brought Nerium to our state is starting to speak out... Read more

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